Q: Who is Wheatland Advisors, Inc., and what do they have to do with Orrstown Bank?

A: That’s an easy one… Wheatland Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor, an affiliate of Orrstown Bank, and a subsidiary of Orrstown Financial Services.
When your financial needs go beyond bank products and services, we can offer you the professional independent investment services of a Registered Investment Advisor.

Q: What is a Registered Investment Advisor – and how do I know if I need one?

A: A Registered Investment Advisor is not a broker, but instead, is an experienced financial professional who will customize an investment portfolio with your best interests and long-term goals in mind. If you’re looking for a truly personal approach to putting your money to work for the future, Wheatland Advisors, Inc. may be right for you.

Q: What sets Wheatland Advisors, Inc. apart from all the other investment firms and financial advisors I see advertised?

A: For starters, Wheatland Advisors, Inc. is local. They will sit down with you to learn about your goals and comfort level with risk. Then they will tailor a long-term portfolio to meet your needs and objectives. The professionals at Wheatland Advisors, Inc. won’t lump you into a category and make the same investments for you as nearly every other client at your financial level. What’s more, because Wheatland Advisors, Inc. does not represent any specific investment products, they aren’t motivated by commissions or sales goals.

Q: How does Wheatland Advisors, Inc. go about investing and managing my money?

A: As discretionary advisors hired to manage assets, Wheatland Advisors, Inc. will diversify your investments among a carefully selected group of high-quality assets. No one can see the future, but Wheatland Advisors, Inc. can take a look at past trends that provide a valuable framework for building you a successful portfolio that yields you the greatest value with the least amount of risk over time.

Q: How can I feel confident Wheatland Advisors, Inc. will take good care of me and my money?

A: Our 30-year history of satisfied clients and proven performance speaks for itself. Wheatland Advisors, Inc. will use its more than 100 years of combined investment knowledge and experience to design your personalized investment strategy, and monitor it closely, for superior long-term results.