Investment Process

Investment Goals

Wheatland Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Investment Advisor offering full-time professional investment management services to individuals, retirement plans, and charitable endowments.

Wheatland Advisors, Inc. is not connected with an underwriter of securities and receives no compensation for the sale of any investment product. Our only financial incentive is to provide impartial and objective investment advice which we believe to be in the best interests of our clients.

Investment Philosophy

Investing other peoples’ money is a serious undertaking. Executing a well-thought-out strategy and keeping with it, is the number one prerequisite for good investment results.


We believe that portfolio investments should be diversified among a carefully selected and closely monitored group of high-quality assets.


We invest for the long-term. Too many investors chase stock market rainbows in hopes of quick profits while others become discouraged and give up at the wrong time. Having the patience and discipline to consistently follow a planned investment strategy is one of the keys to successful investing.


No one can see the future. However understanding past trends can provide an important framework for building a successful investment portfolio. Proper perspective can help curb the human tendency to overreact to events-good or bad.


We only invest client funds in stocks and bonds that we feel represent the greatest value and least risk over a reasonable period of time. We attempt to identify individual companies that we believe can achieve superior results based on our assessment of the risks and opportunities that lie ahead.

Account Management

  • We offer our clients a disciplined and sensible investment approach to building wealth. We do not speculate with other peoples’ money.
  • We offer peace of mind in knowing that experienced professionals are responsible for managing client funds.
  • Each client portfolio is individually managed and continually monitored to match the needs of the client with the nature of the markets and the current investment climate.
  • We are completely independent. There are no outside conflicts of interest that might interfere with our providing unbiased, objective advice.
  • Our fee structure is modest and often less than the costs associated with packaged investment products.
  • We simplify client investment monitoring by providing reports that detail tax cost, market value, gain or loss and market yield. We also welcome personal meetings with each client.
  • Our broad experience allows us to manage common stock accounts as well as taxable and tax-free income accounts.